Avoid: Cutting Techniques That Causes Material Damage in Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

There are a few different types of cutting that can cause material damage in fiber laser cutting machines. These include:

  • Overcutting: This occurs when the laser beam is focused too deeply into the material, resulting in excessive heat and melting. This can cause the material to warp or crack, and can also damage the laser head.
  • Undercutting: This occurs when the laser beam is not focused deeply enough into the material, resulting in incomplete cuts. This can cause the material to be weakened or fractured, and can also make it difficult to achieve a clean, finished edge.
  • Jagged cuts: This can be caused by a number of factors, including incorrect focus settings, poor quality cutting gas, or vibration in the machine. Jagged cuts can make the material difficult to work with, and can also lead to safety hazards.
  • Burn marks: These can be caused by excessive heat or by the laser beam coming into contact with the material for too long. Burn marks can make the material unsightly, and can also weaken it.

To avoid material damage, it is important to use the correct settings for the type of material being cut, and to keep the machine in good condition. It is also important to follow proper safety procedures, such as wearing protective gear and using a fire extinguisher.

Here are some tips for avoiding material damage when cutting with a fiber laser cutting machine:

  • Use the correct focus settings for the material being cut.
  • Use high-quality cutting gas.
  • Keep the machine in good condition.
  • Follow proper safety procedures.
  • Inspect the material for any defects before cutting.
  • If you notice any problems, stop cutting and adjust the settings or repair the machine.

By following these tips by ADK Engineering Solutions, you can help to ensure that your fiber laser cutting machine will operate safely and efficiently, and that your materials will be cut with precision and accuracy.


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