How to Choose the Right Press Brake for Fast, Efficient Production?

If you’re thinking of buying a new press brake or you are looking for a new press brake, you should you take the time to review these crucial notes about the things you need to consider prior to. Before you begin shopping for a press brake, you must know the type of brake you’ll require and choices and features you’ll benefit the most from.

Do not expect your machine salesperson to know what you require or whether their product is capable of meeting it. Do your due diligence in your store to make sure that you are aware of what you require from the machine you’re searching for. This will make purchasing presses much simpler.

What Is a Press Brake?

Let’s begin with brief explanation of the definition of a press brake as opposed to other forms of working machinery. Press brakes are machine toll that is designed to fold or bend sheets of steel using the combination of tools in the lower and upper bed sections. The machine manages how far between lower and upper tool sets using the use of CNC or manual controls.

This brings the tool in line, and the material in between, close enough that it can bend the material into the desired form, while making allowance for a tiny amount of spring back. The most frequent uses for a press-brake are made metal parts that are formed, such as enclosures, electrical boxes, signs, and various other sheet metal parts fabricated.

In the article titled how to choose the right Press Brakes? What are the criteria to choose for described metal folding and outlined the different aspects of the two methods of bending metal. It’s crucial to make this point clear because too often, fabricators ignore the precision and flexibility of a folder based on the idea that “I need a press brake.”

If you’ve decided that buying a press brake the best option, there are some important questions you must answer. There are many options for press brakes, there will only be a handful that ultimately, satisfy your needs as well as your budget. The choice of mechanical hydraulic, electric or Hybrid drive technology will depend on the specific needs you’ll have, which are specific to your particular shop.

Take a notepad to take just a few minutes to record the most important questions and, most importantly, your responses before you begin your search for the brake. Begin by taking some general thoughts on how you’re forming components right now. What are the main flaws and shortcomings you’ve encountered in this procedure? What are the things you would like to be able to do to improve the procedure? What is the main reason to search for a press brake?

There are numerous reasons to choose an old or new press brake, think about what your needs are,

  • More Capacity in Tonnage
  • Longer Bed
  • Reduce Setup Times
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Improve Safety
  • Easier to Use
  • Improved Part Accuracy/Reduce Scrap

Reasons to Choose best Right Press Brakes

Explore Our CNC/NC Press Brake for the shop you run could be a daunting task due to the variety of brands, models sizes and options. It is essential to have an understanding of these machines as well as their functions prior to looking for a new one to avoid being offered unnecessary options, or even under having your equipment. Before beginning your search, you must determine the most important aspects that you require;

  • Materials that you’ll be processing including thickness and types
  • The width that you require to form and you’ll have to fit into the brake press
  • The more complicated bends are as more bends your parts have the more for an an additional axis of the brake in order to gauge the parts precisely.
  • The accuracy of bends is essential due to the fact that different machines fitted with different options as well in tooling will give better results.
  • The quantity of components required for CNC Controls and Functions could greatly improve the efficiency of repetitive tasks.
  • Operator Skill Level must be assessed because the less skilled the worker, the more likely you are to be using a CNC control to calculate bends as well as the sequences.

When you have the answers to these questions, you can begin your search for a press brake. If you’re not sure of the options available then you can learn more on Press Brake basics right here within the Introduction to Press Brakes booklet that is full of helpful information. Check out the details of our Press Brake Machines on website or contact us directly.


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