How to take care of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Winter?

Since the arrival of winter the working environment for Laser cutting machine has turned quite rough. If used incorrectly the machine will be able to alter the working of the equipment which will then impact the schedule of production for the customer. In extreme instances, it can cause serious damage to the elements of laser cutting machines, such as water-cooled lasers and machines. So, it is important to be attentive to the following aspects in our daily use:

  • Check that the temperature inside is at or above zero and that you have upgraded the heating system in the workshop. Because the operating temperature of the laser can be set at about 17 if the chiller and the laser are on continuously and on, you are able to use the machine without waiting until the following day. In the event that the temperature is low you’ll have to wait several days until the temperature increases before turning the device on.
  • If the temperature inside isn’t confirmed, it is essential to ensure that the water cooler on the laser cutting machine in operation, and then adjust the temperature to 510°C. By doing this, and making sure that the cooling water is circulating and is also able to conserve electricity. Additionally, as the cooling water must be changed every day during the summer months to prevent it from exceeding the recommended temperature Many customers overlook this during the winter cold and believe that the temperature of the water will not rise much during colder weather. A lot of customers fail to replenish the water. In winter, especially, since temperatures outside are low, it’s difficult to see that the motor of your spindle is heating. This is why we inform our customers to ensure that the cooling fluid is a vital requirement for the proper operation of the spindle. When the water used for cooling gets too filthy, it could cause severe harm to the machine. So, the cooling water needs to be changed on time to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling fluid and the functioning for the pump.
  • In cold regions, when that the machine for cutting lasers has not operating, do not switch off the chiller in order to ensure that the refrigerant is circulated. It is possible to have the normal temperature set to around 10°C. This manner, the coolant temperature is not able to reach the freezing point, which means that it is safe for the machine to cut lasers. won’t be damaged.
  • If you are experiencing a long time of downtime, you must remove the cooling liquid from each component of the machine via the water outlet of the machine and then inject gas to make sure there isn’t any cooling liquid throughout the entire the water-cooling system. This will assure you that your laser-cutting device is not damaged in temperatures that are low.
  • In cold, indoor environments it is essential to add antifreeze to Laser cutting machine Ahmedabad. On the other hand adding antifreeze to the machine is advisable to select reliable antifreeze. In the event of a failure, the impurities in the antifreeze could adhere onto the tube for lasers as well as other components, and cause damage to the machine. However it is important to note that, after adding antifreeze it is only able to ensure that the water will not get frozen at -20° Celsius, but it isn’t possible to say the water chiller will function normally in extremely cold temperatures. The operating temp of the chiller should be higher than 5°C. The cold start temperature must be higher than 10°C. It is crucial to remember that antifreeze will not replace deionized water and should not be used for an extended period of time.

Extremely cold weather could result in irreparable harm to the optical portion in the laser. ADK urges all users to use and store the laser only in line with the temperature for storage and the working temperature as stipulated in the laser manual in order to safeguard the components that comprise this laser device. If you’d like to know more information, please get in touch with ADK Engineering & Solutions.


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