CNC Press Brake Machine

Electro-hydro CNC Press Brake

A numerous times ago, ADK company realised that energy conservation, effectiveness and environmental protection would be the trend, so we unfolded and produced WAD series press thickets. In the classical press boscage , the pump and machine will run continuously, but in the servo system of our WAD series press boscage , as long as the plunger is at rest, the pump and main machine will be at rest. This saves a plot of energy without affecting productivity.

CNC Controller

  • There is no doubt that it’s the brain of the whole machine. We offer Delem, ESA and Cybelec brand control, which are imported from the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland inclusively.
  • The effective algorithm optimises the pouring cycle of addressing, reduces the time demanded to set the work step, and makes bending further effective, especially for batch processing
  • In addition, the system can meet 2D and 3D illustrations editing.

Hydraulic System

  • This is an electro- hydraulic servo coextensive hydraulic control system with short hydraulic cylinder distance. It has strong anti eccentric weight capability, high synchronisation rigorousness, low cost and high power viscosity rate.
  • The pressure of the hydraulic system can be accommodated according to the practical use to meet the conditions of bending force.
  • ADK adopts the well- named German brand Huawei hydraulic system, which has the characteristics of low failure rate and high effectiveness.


  • As we all know, servo motors have come to the mainstream, with low energy consumption, high dynamics and perfecting machine product effectiveness as the main thing. Compared with traditional motors, the energy consumption can be saved up to 35%, so it can bring guests the advantages of high effectiveness and low operation cost.
  • At the same time, we also have an effective and energy- saving motor from Siemens, Germany, which can meet the day- to- day product conditions of guests, and its work effectiveness is more advanced than that of ordinary motors.

Oil Pump

The oil pump is made of high-tensile cast iron, with sole internal noise deduction design, low perceptivity to oil painting oil pollution and long service life.


  • We use imported ball screws and direct companion rail to ensure that the shifting delicacy of the X- axis is more advanced than that of the screw rod.

  • The hamper stop adopts coetaneous pulley operation controlled by servo motor rather than stepping motor.

  • The whole backgauge system is tempered at high temperature, which is conducive to completely count the internal stress, amend the malleability and continuity of the essence, and make you no longer suffer from any loss of delicacy caused by frame deformation.

Electrical corridor

  • It adopts authentic Schneider pieces imported from France, which is firm and durable with lengthy service life;
  • Equipped with Estun original adaptive electrical box assembly, with strong anti- hindrance capability and stable electrical operation.


Tone-dependent design, cipher the compensation value according to the total deformation of the ram and worktable, so as to make the deformation wind of the bed fit faultlessly with the compensation wind, and better ensure the consistency of product straightness and angle.

Punches & Dies

Press boscage punches and dies will be one of the most important contents we talk over before you place the order. Any bending condition will be finalised by a capable set of punch and die. We can deliver applicable toolings according to different bending conditions of guests.

Fast Clamp

Fast change the top punch to save time

Ball Screw & Guide

Ball screw and direct guardrail are borrowed to secure the smooth operation of the machine.

Servo Motor

The servo motor controls the Y- axis moving with advanced delicacy.

Upgrade solutions

Technical Specifications

Still, please communicate with us, If you want to know more detailed parameters.

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