LF1800 3D robot laser cutting machine

The machine can cut non-standard shaped raw material. It can be six axis feed and is capable of cutting from 360 degree. Also, some non-standard materials, similar as some with fixed geometry and angle, can also be cut by it.

 It uses the FANUC robot arms and FANUC operating system imported from Japan, making it accessible to use

Equipped with a gantry which can expand the processing space and insure the inflexibility of cutting head.

 Large processing area. The outside working radius of the six-axis is 2010 mm.

Technical Parameters

Machine modelLF1800
Laser typeImported fiber laser source
Laser power500W 750W 1000W ( optional)
Working area1800mm
Repeated positioning accuracy±0.05mm
InstallationFloor stand /Hang upside down /Wall mounted

Industry Applications

There are various irregular shape materials for recycling automotive sheet metal, 3d kitchenware and sports equipment. General Fiber is a laser cutting machine that cannot achieve the precise processing of irregular materials, but LF1800 can play well in these industries.
Automotive sheet metal, 3D kitchen utensils, sporting stuff, etc.


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