LF4020GH/ LF6025GH/ LF10025GH/ LF12025GH Fiber laser cutting machine


  • Truly Suitable and completely enclosed Design
  • European CE Standard observation window.
  • At the time of cutting the Smoke filleted inside for the clean and Non-Polluting atmosphere.
  • The Machine Weight Will be 7500 kg.

Heavy Structured Working Bed

⦁ Heat treatment

Truly heavy Working Bed, for Very long machine life. Suitable for HIGH Power Lasers. The increase in weight is truly helpful to the Laser cutting machine’s cut speed.

⦁ Innovative Working Bed

During The Laser Working reducing Damage to work bad, ADK pioneered a new Type of working Bed by adding four Slings, for the Laser cutting machine, that’s why the working table life will go twice

3rd Generation Aluminum Gantry

  • Manufactured with Aerospace Standards
  • Solidified with 4300 tons of press extrusion moulding
  • Strength can be handed at 6061 T6 after Ageing.
  • 6061 T6 The Strongest gantry strength
  • Using Aluminium material for the Gantry
  • Good Durability, low Weight, corrosion resistance, Anti – Oxidation with low density due to Aluminium material.
  • Truly high Processing Speed

Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head

⦁ No Manual Focusing

Software automatically adjusts the focusing the lenses to realise automatic Perforation and cutting a different kind of thick plates The Speed of this cut head’s Performance 10times more than the homemade head

⦁ Large adjustment range

The Adjustment range of the plate is -10 mm ~+10 mm, perfection 0.01 mm, suitable for 0 ~ 20 mm different types of plates.

⦁ Long Service Life

The collimator lens and concentrate lens both have a water-cooling heat sink which reduces the temperature of the cut head to enhance its life of the cut head.

12M Thick Plate Cutting Fast Effective and Accurate Cutting

ADK Laser large format equipment includes 12025G( 12m *2.5 m), and 10025G( 10m *2.5 m) The fat bed process meets the different requirements of the global market for large sheet metal cutting High-end, high-perfection, high-speed, high-format and cost-effective.

PAD design display

  •  With new features, Apple Ipad programs grip better on their unique credentials.
  • The Use of High-Quality Class, Truly Smooth touch Control, and Fast Response Speed Make the Screen more delicate and Easy to Use.

Segmented smoke exhaust-create a smokeless clean world

⦁ Full coverage, super suction

embrace the latest cut-edge tobacco control technology each section of the bed has a smoke exhaust device
Powerful negative pressure 360 ° adsorption
Axial fan wind charge surrounds blowing smoke below Full 360 ° strong adsorption and consistent smoke exhaust effectively purify the smoke and dust on the top of the enclosed cut platform Improve purification efficiency and reject lens impurity

⦁ Powerful negative pressure 360° adsorption

Axial fan wind direction surrounds blowing smoke downward Full 360° strong adsorption and consistent smoke exhaust effectively purify the smoke and dust on the top of the enclosed cutting platform Improve purification efficiency and reject lens contamination

⦁ Net follow-up, wisdom grows by quality

The smoke exhaust device automatically senses the Laser cutting position Turn on precise smoke exhaust, and follow-up smart smoking creates a concealed cavity, completely enclosed smoke control, and clean smoke

Transmission and Precision

German Technologies

ADK Fiber Laser Cutting is Equipped with truly high-Quality machine factors like Rake, Motor reducer, and many further. The duplication positioning accuracy of the machine tool can be 0.02 mm and the cut acceleration is 2.5 G. The working life is upward to 10 times.

Industry Applications

The ADK GH series Fiber Laser cutting machine can carry up to 12000W Laser power, and it cuts truly thick plates, it’s a truly good choice. The Application is used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, cloth machinery, food-making machinery, construction machinery, and other large machinery and equipment manufacturing, generally using high-power Fiber Laser cutting machines for processing. Suitable for pristine steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, galvanised steel, aluminium-plating zinc plate, copper, and other metals.

Technical Parameters

Machine model LF4020GH LF6025GH LF10025GH LF12025GH
Laser power 8000W 12000W 15000W 20000W(Optional)
Working area 2000mm*4000mm 2500mm*6000mm 2500mm*10000mm 2500mm*12000mm
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Maximum speed 200m/min
Max. acceleration 2.5G

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