PTW (H-Beam Welding Line)

Brief introduction

  • Horizontal H BEAM welding product line is a new specially designed by WELDARC Company on the base of its numerous years expertise of researching and manufacturing of light and heavy- duty H BEAM devices. To meet the demand of request, this welding line is only for light H lasers.
  • H BEAM welding product line consists of IN Feed Conveyor to method Welder, In feed H BEAM
  • Reducing welding deformation. It’s the complete device for delivering large volume

Main technical features

Web height 200-1500mm
Web thickness 5-14mm
Flange width 150-500mm
Flange thickness 5-20mm
Work-piece length 2.5~12m
Web Taper Angle 15°
Welding type Single arc twin wire
Welding power source SAW 1000 Amps(WELDARC)
Welding speed 300-1000mm/min (step less speed adjustment)
Welding wire diameter 1.6mm
Voltage 415V/ 50/60Hz, 3Ph

3. Working flowing

Main technical feature

1. Adopts horizontal stand welding and singe arc-double wire welding technology, improving welding speed and reducing welding distortion.

2. When assembling, it only needs to spot weld at the range of 200-500mm of the work-piece head (needn’t to spot weld the whole work-piece), after that, go ahead to the next welding. The welding machine can weld these three steels directly and greatly improve the efficiency of assembling.

3. Adopts the welding way of putting the work-piece horizontally (H beam web panel flat and two flange panels upright) and welding the two welding lines at the same time, which reduces H beam distortion.

4. Adopts thin wire welding, reduces distortion by heat. That means reducing flange distortion after welding, which can greatly reduce workload of flange straightening.

5. The transmission conveyor between each steps and chain type turn-over use of traveling crane.

Tack Welding Machine

List of modules includes in Tack welder




Hydraulic Operated EdgAlignment


Hydraulic OperateWeb Adjustment


Hydraulic OperateClamping of Work piece


Electrical control panel and pendant


Hydraulic Power Pack Unit


In feed conveyor (4 Nos of Conveyoy each 3 mtr)


Out feed Conveyor (4 Nos of Conveyor each mtr)

Main Machine

Work principle

The Main machine consists of main machine and front-back transport conveyor. The main machine has two heads, which realizes welding the two welding lines at the same time. Two welding guns are both single arc-double wire welding, and flux automatic feeding and recovery Unit. The main machine is gantry Type structure. work piece is transported from front conveyor to main machine, after welding, transported by back conveyor. In this concepts Machine will be fixed and work piece will Move.




Key components list

1 Vertical flange Guide roller assembly at the entry of Main Machine
2 Fixed Guide roller and moveable top roller for flange Guiding at the entry of Main Machine
3 Pull through welder with fixed and moving device wheels with electrically controlled Speed
4 Hydraulic powered web lifter
5 Hydraulic Operated web clamping Unit
6 Hydraulic   Operated   Web/Flange   Assembly   Clamp   with   adjustable   Clamping Pressure
7 Hydraulic Operated Web and flange guide unit for the welding Torch
8 Welding Torches
9 Flux Recovery Units
10 Fixed bottom roller and Moveable Top roller for flange guide at the exit
11 Hydraulic Power Pack Unit
12 Current Collector in both Moving and Fixed Sides attached to the pull through Rollers
13 PLC controlled Panel and control Pendant
14 2 sets of 1000 Amps SAW MACHINES with Accessories
15 Top Platform for placement of flux recovery units , control panel , wire spool etc
16 In feed conveyor to main Machine
17 Out feed conveyor ( 4 Nos of Conveyor 3 mtr each)

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