Vertical Tack Welding Machine


Machine Description

  • H-beam assembling Machine is composed of main machine, a draw bar centering system, input and output roller conveyor, hydraulic system, electric control system. The main machine is made of a gantry frame, an upper cylinder and a base, a web and flanges automatically centering system, aligning equipment and main transmission mechanism.
  • The gantry frame is a door-type one, with rectangular rails on the gantry column, through which the buck-boost beams can make smooth movements.
  • The upper press roller is fixed on the up-down press beam, pressed down on the workpiece by the push of upper press oil cylinder.

Conveyor System

The input and output roller conveyor are made of rollers and frame, the two input roller conveyor and two output roller conveyor close to the main machine are driven by the chain linked with the main transmission roller, which ensures the linear speed of the roller and roller conveyor coming in line with the main driving roller.

Electric Control System

Electric control system consists of an electronic control box, an operating box and cables, of which the main transmission frequency converter controls the motor speed, and the PLC programmable controller can make different application procedures according to the H-beam assembling process requirements. The inverter’s output frequency is selected by the PLC, and operation of them can realize circulation automatically.

Technical Parameter H-beam size

H beam height

200 – 2500mm

Web thickness


Flange width




Work piece length


Main machine

5.5 kW (1no)                                    

Assembling Speed


Power  9Kw


Input Conveyor

4 Pieces (2600 mm each)

Output Coveyor

4 Pieces (2600 mm each)

Hydraulic Clamping Unit

2 Nos

MIG Welding Machine

2 Nos (400 AMPS)


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